Chattisgarh (Central India State)

Chattisgarh was declared as 26th state of India on November1,2000. It was carved out of Madhya Pradesh. Mineral rich and larger than Tamil Nadu in size, this Fast Track State with low population density is in excellent financial health. Home of mega industries in steel, aluminium and cement, Chattisgarh contributes substantially to the human resources of India. Raipur is the capital city of the State.

Characterized by industries in mining, minerals, steel and cement, contribution in trained and skilled man power and large power surplus, Chattisgarh is emerging as a destination of power-intensive industries and is poised to become the power-hub of the nation. Being in the centre of India, it is ideally located for easy power distribution to any part of the country. Already the power supply to Delhi, Karnataka and Gujarat is being done from here. Better industrial relations and labour productivity are attracting big industries to the State.

Endowed with 12% India's forests, one third population of Chattisgarh is those of tribals who inhabit the thickly forested areas in the North and South. It is also called as "Rice Bowl" of Central India.Gender ratio is next only to Kerala. Vivid cultural heritage and olden monuments, panoramic natural diversity, distinctive wildlife, glorious temples, Buddhist sites, scenic beauty, caves embellished with rock paintings and hill plateaus make this state an ideal place for tourism. Compared to traditional tourist destinations which have become overcrowded, the hitherto unexplored sites of Chattisgarh may turn out to be an exotic experience to tourists.

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