Himachal Pradesh (Himalayan State)

Himachal Pradesh, the pristine land of eternal snow, lies in the north-western lap of the Himalayan range, 343 kms from Delhi. Its lush-green valleys, flowering meadows, rocky ravines, snow-clad mountains, sparkling streams and joyful springs all offer a relaxing holiday. The capital of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla. Himachal Pradesh is the right place to visit for trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, para-sailing and angling.

The British, through their constant efforts, added the lustre of permanence to the scenic glory of the state and many hill-resorts burgeoned as a result.

Mainstay of economy of Himachal Pradesh is tourism. Tourism generates maximum jobs in Himachal Pradesh. States major chunk of income is generated from tourism agriculture and the textile industry.

The Kullu Valley is a wonderful place to visit and so is Manali. Chamba Valley is enriched with beautiful sceneries, hill stations and temple complexes. The Kangra Valley is known as the home of the Tibetan Government in exile.

Himachal Pradesh was awarded full-fledged status of a state on 25th January 1971. Uniting Shimla and 30 erstwhile hilly states constituted it. The highly hilly peaks of Himalayas covered with white silvery glittering snow and the rivers Ravi, Bias, Chinab and Sutlej flowing downwards from the laps of mountains attract tourist attention. The grace is further enhanced by the gardens fragrant with flowers and natural meadows stretching through the terrain. Himachal Pradesh, a tourist destination of India, is famous for the adventurous sports like trekking, skating on the snow, skiing, hag-gliding and para-gliding.

The mountains are ornamented with tall sky-touching trees like Pine and Cedar along with the medicinal herbs.

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