Mandi (Himachal Pradesh, Himalayan State)

Situated on the banks of river Beas, Mandi is known as 'Kashi of Himachal'. At the entrance of Kullu valley, there are more than 80 temples on the hills around Mandi. Many of them are dedicated to Lord Shiva, with each temple being noteworthy both as a pilgrimage spot and as an architectural wonder.

Triloknath Temple has an idol of three- headed Lord Shiva (Lord of three worlds) and Panchvaktra Temple has the five- headed Lord Shiva- portraying his five aspects.

Bhoothnath Temple, a temple in the Shikhara style, is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Ardhanarishwar Temple depicts Lord Shiva in his composite from- the right side being Lord Shiva and the left side Goddess Paravati.

Shyamkali Temple, situated atop Tarna Hills, is a 17th century temple which is dedicated to the goddess Kali.

Rewalsar Lake, 24km from Mandi, is important from the Buddh, Sikh and Hindu religions point of view. Some Gompas (math) and one huge Guru Govind Singh Gurudwara along with three Hindu temples dedicated to sage Lomas, Lord Shiva and Krishna respectively exist there.

Larji, 957 metre above sea level, is famous for barking musk deer and big-horned deer, wild pigs and tigers. Situated 34 km away from Kullu, this is a place of the confluence of two tributaries of river Beas named Sainj and Tirthan, which makes it extremely alluring spot of stunning natural beauty.

Parashar Lake, 46 km away and 2730 metre above sea level, is framed like a cup. It is held sacred because of sage Parashar who made it his centre of prayer and "Samadhi". Located here is an ancient temple made in pagoda style. Watching lush grass-fields and snow-covered peaks from here fascinates everyone.

In addition to the above, Joginder Nagar (55km), Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, Jatingri, Janjehli valley(86km) etc. are also worth visiting places.

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