Nahan Valley (Himachal Pradesh, Himalayan State)

Maharaja Karam Prakash founded Nahan in 1621. Situated at a height of 932 metres from sea level, Nahan is the district headquarters of Sirmour. This is one of the most marvellous and honorable towns which has winding roads, ancient palaces etc. More than 100 years old Municipal office of Nahan is regarded as one of the oldest offices in India. Nahan Valley is rich in terms of places of tourist attraction.

Ranital Garden is a serene place with greenery, fragrance of flowers and warbling and chirping of birds. A pond along with Shiva temple is situated in the centre of the garden.

Chaugan is the historical centre not only for social events but also for cultural events where the Sirmour festival, National festivals etc are organized.

Litten Memorial is a cannon which reveals the stories of chivalry of Sirmorians. This is known as Delhi Gate also and has a clock above it.

Apart from these, other worth seeing places in Nahan are Lakhdata Peer, temples of Luxmi Narayan, Jagannath and Triloki Nath Bala Sundari, Saketi Fossil Park ( where fossils of Dinosaur were found), Simbalwara Wildlife Park, Jaitak Fort etc. There are many other interesting tourist destinations around Nahan Valley.

Renuka Lake is 45 kms away from Nahan and at 3106 feet above sea level. Locally known as Renukaji, Renuka Lake is the largest natural lake of Himachal Pradesh. Renuka Mataji temple and Parashuram Tal are also situated here. Close to this, the lion safari, boating and fishing at Jataun Barrage are added attractions. Other worth seeing places are like old Hawan kund, Tapasya Sthal, caves etc. on Jamdagni mountain.

Paonta Sahib, on the embankment of Yamuna river, is a major Sikh pilgrimage, which is so named because of the warrior Guru Govind Singh, who lost a foot ornament, 'Paonta ' here.

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