Solan (Himachal Pradesh, Himalayan State)

Solan, a tourist centre near Chandigarh, is situated at the Shimla-Chandigarh National Highway and famous for Sulini Fairs and Toda dance. While going and returning from Shimla, the charming beauty and scenery around the area can be enjoyed. Three parks- Children Park, Jawahar Park and Mohan Park- have been constructed here. A zoo has also been built in the Children Park in which cheetal, musk deer, wildcat and some rare birds have been kept. There are many other worth visiting places around Solan.

Barog (4 kms from Soalan) is a famous tunnel which is the largest on Kalka-Shimla railway line Surrounded by Chir pine trees, Barog railway station with light fragrance of pine wind is also a nice picnic spot.

Karol Tibba (5 kms from Solan) is situated on the 7000 feet high Karol mountain. It is considered to be the oldest and longest cave of Himalayas.

Young Drug Ling Monastery (15 kms from Solan) is the study centre of "Ban", the oldest religion of Tibet. After China, this is the second monastery of "Ban" religion in the world.

Dagshai (15 kms from Solan) is famous for English schools, the Tomb of Mem and historical prison of Dagh-e-Shai.

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