Gadag ( Karnataka , South India)


Gadag is another famous tourist destination of Karnataka, holding prominence in terms of treasure of ancient monuments. A prosperous town known in the ancient days as Maha Agrahara, Gadag is situated 42 kms away from Dharwad. There are many temples of Chalukyan architecture. Trikuteshwara and Saraswati temples are in the same compound. In the heart of the town is the Viranarayana temple. The famous Kannada poet Naranappa, popularly called as Kumara Vyasa is said to have composed the great epic Mahabharata in poetic form sitting in the main hall of this temple, inspired by the deity. Gadag is now an important centre for cotton trade, printing industry and publishing work. It has the largest number of printing presses.

There are many other touristic places worth visiting.

Ittagi: Lying about 32 kms away from Gadag, Ittagi is now a days is a typical Indian village. But it used to be once a flourishing Agrahara famous for its Chalukyan style temple dedicated to Mahadeva. Rightly described in the inscriptions as Devalaya Chakravarthi (Emperor among temples), the temple was built by Mahadeva Pandanayaka, a general of Vikramaditya VI in 1112. The sculpture inside and outside the temple is so delicate that some scholars are of the opinion that the decorative treatment for this temple is excessive. The most convenient route to reach Ittagi is by bus from Gadag via Bannikoppa. Regular state and private bus service is available to this place.

Lakshmeshwara: 28 kms from Gadag, an ancient village of the 16th century, ruled by Lakshmana Arasa, Lakshmeshwara has a Shiva temple dedicated to Someshwara. The Jumma Masjid has the marvellous Hoysala style architecture with the tomb of Dood Peran. Nearby is the village Shishunala which became famous by the songs of Shishunala Sheriff and his teacher Govinda.

Lakkundi: Once an important Jain centre for religious training, Lakkundi, 09 kms away from Gadag, has exquisite temples in the Chalukyan style. Most significant temples are Kashi Vishveshwara, Suryanarayana temples and the Jain Basadi.

How to reach Gadag:

All these places are connected by excellent roads and state buses operate regularly in many routes. Tongas and auto-rickshaws are available for local travel.

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