Raichur ( Karnataka , South India)


Karnataka since the ages has been Hindu kingdom. Raichur of Karnataka is no different from that. Impressions of Hindu religion, culture, art and architecture is amply visible everywhere, though the Muslims destroyed many of the Hindu monuments out of religious intolerance. A tourist visiting Raichur has a lot to explore.

Raichur has a hill fort representing Hindu military architecture. Its outer fortifications contain a long Kannada inscription which records the erection of the fort by the minister of Queen Rudramma Devi.

Another important place of interest in Raichur is the Ek Minar Masjid, constructed by Amber in the reign of Mohammad Shah Bahmani. The single minaret of the mosque is 22 metres high.

One of the thermal electricity generating stations for Karnataka is located nearby. Other than that there are many historically important tourist destinations around Raichur.

Maliabad is 5 kms away from Raichur. Noted for the ancient fort, Maliabad has a pair of elephants carved in monolith granite stone placed in front of the fort gate.

Manvi: Some of the Haridasas of Karnataka lived in Manvi, 72 kms from Raichur. Famous among them was the illustrious Jagannatha Dasa whose Brindavan is located here.

Maski: 24 kms from Raichur is Maski where the famous Ashokan edict is located.

Mudgal: 96 kms from Raichur is the historical place of Mudgal which has a fort, dating back to the Yadava dynasty. Malik Kafur captured the place in 1313. Ali Adil Shah built the famous fort here.

How to reach Raichur:

Raichur is connected by rail on the main line and also by excellent road. Most of the buses from Hospet, Bellary and Hubli operate in this route. Good lodging facility is available at Raichur. Auto-rickshaws can be hired for local transport.

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