Bhopal ( Madhya Pradesh , Central India State )

Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh

The capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal has a hidden historical fact behind its name. It is the distorted name of Bhojraj ruled by King Bhoj. This city is located between two beautiful lakes and mountain ranges. It is reckoned among modern cities of India. Being medieval capital of Nawabs, impressions of Muslim culture are also visible. On entering Bhopal, one comes across red earth dust- a peculiarity of this place.

Bharat Bhawan : is situated on the bank of a charming lake in Bhopal. It is the centre of Indian cultural activities. Bharat Bhawan has a unique collection projecting splendid grandeur of tribal culture and drama.

Taj Ul Masjid : a world renowned mosque, was built by Shahjahan Begum, which could be completed only after her death. This gigantic mosque is believed to be the world's biggest and most magnificent mosque.

Jama Masjid : Jama Masjid, a fascinating mosque with golden summit minarets, was built by Kudsia Begum in 1837.

Moti Masjid :this splendid mosque which looks like Jama Masjid of Delhi, was built by SikandarJahan, daughter of Kudsia Begum in 1860.

Bhojpur (28 kms) was built by the great King Bhoj. It is renowned for its glorious Shiva Temple and a gigantic dome. This temple termed as Somnath of East, is famous as Bhojeshwar Temple.

Bhimbetka : (46 kms south) has the Stone Age caves, which are specifically viewable. Here, with vivid clarity and beauty-oriented variety, in more than 500 caves, day to day captivating life activities of pre-historic cavemen have been depicted. The cave walls have been carved with colourful pictures of animal hunting, dance art and contemporary social life scenes.

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