Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

Indore , Madhya Pradesh

RIndore is the main commercial city of Madhya Pradesh, which is also known as Mini Mumbai. Indore had been capital of the Holkars. Religious, just and brave queen AhilyaBai ruled the Indore kingdom. It is situated on the banks of Saraswati and Khan rivers. It has been named as Indore after its famous Indeshwar Temple.

Rajwada : synonymous with the heart of Indore, stands today as a mute witness to the bygone splendor of the Holkar rulers. It is an introducer of royal functions of the Holkar dynasty. About 200 years old, this seven storeyed historical Holkar Palace had been built on the Muslim, Maratha and French style.

Indore , Madhya Pradesh

Kanch Mandir : is a Jain Temple, which is a unique example of architecture in glasswork. Its walls, roofs, floor, pillars, doors, latches etc are all glass studded. In temple, above all is a special glass chamber, wherein three statues of Lord Mahavir have been installed, which have been multiplied into indefinite numbers and correspond to 21 Tirthankars.

LalBagh Palace : Town Hall, Central Museum, Royal Cenotaphs, Khajrana, Bijasan Mata Temple, BadaGanapati are other famous places to visit.

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