Ujjain ( Madhya Pradesh , Central India )

Indore , Madhya Pradesh

Religious City, Ujjain is an important pilgrimage place of Hindus, which is situated on the bank of river Shipra. Many magnificent temples, alluring ancient viewable places, palaces, monuments and remnants are located here. Kumbh fair is organized over here after every 12 years. In Puranas, its glory has been sung by the names Ujjayini, Avantika, Amravati, Pratikalpa, Kumuddati etc. Ujjain remained rich in diverse dimensions of religion and culture. It has been enumerated in Puranas and Mahabharata that brave Lord Krishna and Balram came here in Guru Sandeepan's Ashram for learning purpose.Now-a-days, Ujjain is one of the main cities of MP.

Indore , Madhya Pradesh

Gopal Temple : has a silver idol of Lord Krishna inside, of which doors are also made of silver.

Jyotirling Mahakaleshwar Temple : located on the banks of river Shipra, is the centre of extreme faith of millions of pilgrims and dedicated to Lord Mahakaleshwar (Shiva). In early morning "BhasmArti" is unparalleled in grandeur. Existence of innumerable Shivlingas, Vinayaks, ten Vishnus, NavDurga etc religious places in this sacred region, which have been mentioned in "Avanti Khand" of "SkandPuran". Here, eighty four Gods are specifically worshipped.

Indore , Madhya Pradesh

Bade Ganeshji : located near Mahakaleshwar Temple, is gigantic idol of Lord Ganesha. This idol though modern, is still very attractive. In the middle of temple, there is PanchMukhi( five faced) idol of Lord Hanuman, built with seven kinds of metals.

Harsiddhi Devi Temple possesses a special significance among ancient and sacred places. Harsiddhi Devi was worshipped by Emperor Vikramaditya. Religious importance of this place has been mentioned in the "Puranas" too.

Jantar Mantar is one of five Jantar Mantars of India, which was built by Sawai Jai Singh II.

Indore , Madhya Pradesh

Kal Bhairav Temple was consecrated by a Parmar king, which is most ancient.

Mangal Nath a prominent centre of Indian astronomy before Christ period. First view of Mars and birth of Moon was observed here. From MangalNath temple, view of Shiprariver appears most fascinating.

Bharthrihari are 11th century carved caves wherein king Bharthrihari performed penance after getting indifferent to royal-throne. This is a great pilgrimage place of Nath community.

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