Amritsar (Punjab)

Amritsar is the principal centre of history and culture of Sikh religion. It is also a main pilgrimage place of Sikh religion.

Golden Temple :The world famous temple is situated in Amritsar. The Golden Temple was got constructed in 1579 by the fourth Sikh 'Guru' Ramdasji, which was later got completed by Guru ArjunDev and the holy Guru Granth Sahib was consecrated in it.Situated at the centre of a holy pond, this temple is located in middle of the city.In 1803 AD,Maharaja Ranjeet Singh got, completed the construction of lower- hall portion of the temple and got it's dome-summit and outer walls laminated with layers of gold. After this only, it came to be distinguished as golden temple. On the occasion of Diwali and other festivals, when light decoration and fireworks is carried out in the temple then, the blue coloured water in the pond presents an enchanting scene. Here open public kitchens (namely langar) and devotional singing never stop at any time.

Jallianwala Bagh : This world famous name freshens up our memory of martyrs who made sacrifice for freedom struggle. On 13 april1919, when independence crazy Hindu and Sikh people were talking about their course of action against British imperialism for country's independence in a peaceful meeting. In the twinkling of eye, the intoxicated General Dyer brought his troupe and opened machine gun fire on people there without giving any warning. Thousands of Patriots were got buried alive in the well in the centre of the garden including children, aged men and women. About two thousands were gone to death on this day.Marks of bullet gun can be seen ever to date. After the independence, this place was declared as National Memorial by country rulers in memory of all these martyrs.

Durgiana Temple : located outside of Lohagarh gate, had beenbuilt in the style of Golden Temple. It is the centre of attraction for the saints and students all over the country that are interested in studying religious books. Summer place of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh: is architecturally unique DarshaniDeorhi has remained intact. A museum is founded at this place in which Sikh period related to oil paintings, miniatures, coins and arms are exhibited.

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