Islam means resignation to the will of God. It is a strictly monotheistic religion which believes that there is only one God. Brotherhood and equality among the believers and a caste-free society are its main features. Prophet Mohammed is believed to be the last and the greatest of the prophets, and the holy "Koran", as revealed to the prophet, is the sacred book of the Muslims. The five duties of a devout Muslim are:

1. Belief in the one true God.

2. Prayers five times a day.

3. Giving of alms.

4. A month of fasts every year; and

5. Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in one's life-time.

India is one of the world's three biggest centres of Muslim life and culture. The Muslims in India belong to the same ethnic stock as the rest of the population. The flesh and blood is same. There are, therefore, close cultural affinities between Muslims and non-Muslims in India.

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