Kanyakumari-Cape Comorin (Tamil Nadu)

The land's ends of the India or the confluence of three great seas, the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, leaves an indelible impression. The place gets the name from the Virgin Deity. The sun rises over the Bay of Bengal and sets on the Arabian Sea. On full moon evenings, Sunset and Moon rises can be seen simultaneously. Thousands of visitors assemble on the trip of the sea shore to see this splendor view of natures. Temple of Parashakti, popularly called Kanya Kumari, is considered as a sacred spot. Having a bath at the confluence of the three seas has very pious connotation.

KUMARI AMMAN TEMPLES : Dedicated to Devi Parashakti, otherwise known as Kumari Bhagavati or Kanya Kumari, She is actually Parvati, the virgin goddess who did penance at this place to marry Lord Shiva. But due to some strange circumstances, the marriage could not take place, the Devi remained a virgin Kanya Kumari. According to mythology, the demon named Banasura, Who was troubling the residents of these places, was destroyed by the goddess. The deity in the shrine is divinely charming. The diamonds nose ring she wears is visible even from the sea.

KONERISHWARA TEMPLE : This shrine is situated on the west of the main road. It is about a thousand years old. The architecture and sculpture of the temples is very grand. The principal deity is Shiva in the Linga form installed on a raised platform which can be reached by a flight of steps. On either side are the shrines for Narasimha and Vinayaka. The architecture appears to be in Chola styles. The inscriptions mention that the construction of the temple was by Rajendra Chola.

VIVEKANAND MEMORIAL : The twin rocks lying about 200 meters east of the Cape in the Bay of Bengal present an impressive sight. Swamy Vivekananda is said to have meditated on this rock before he decided to proceed to America to attend the Parliament of Religious at Chicago. Thereafter, the rocks Vivekananda Memorials Monuments built in 1970 with blend of the architectural style of the country. A beautiful status of the Swamiji is enshrined in the main hall. Once can see the Sri Pada Parai, foot prints of Kanyakumari Devi, Who did penance on the rock. Ferry services are available to visit the memorial monuments during the days.

TIRUVALLUVAR STATUE : A huge status of the Tamil Savant Poet, Tiruvalluvar has installed on the minor rock adjacent to the Vivekananda Memorial Rocks. This status is 95 feet in height places on a 38 feet high pedestal, Adhara Petham, signifying the 133 chapter of the Trirukkural. The right hand of Thiruvalluvar with three fingers pointing skywards signifies the three cantos of Trirukkural, Aram, Porul and Inbam. The monument is a cultural fusion and has been built conforming to traditional Indian architecture. Provision has been made to provide the hollow portion inside the statue from toe to scalp. Visitors will not be allowed to scale. They will be permitted to climb up to the foot to the statue.

St. MARY'S CHURCH: In the township almost near the shore is a beautiful Roman Catholic Church dedicated to St. Mary. It is a huge monument with a central tall tower and two other at the side. It is one of the biggest Churches in the South India.

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