Srivilliputtur (Tamil Nadu)


Srivilliputtur has immense religious importance in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 74 kms away from Madurai. This place is a pilgrim centre for the Srivaishnavas. It has an ancient temple for Vishnu in the reclining pose dedicated to Vatapathrashayi. The huge tower at the entrance is 64 metres high with eleven tiers beautifully sculptured. This temple qualifies for being called a Grand Temple since it has the tallest tower in the country, the biggest tank and a huge chariot, larger than the Thiruvarur temple chariot.

Srivilliputtur is also the birth place of the saint poet Andal who is considered as one of the Alwars. The main shrines in the temple are dedicated to Andal, Ragamannar, Periathuvadi Narasinga Perumal and Vatapathra Sayanar.

Srivilliputtur will forever be remembered by the people of Tamil Nadu since the temple tower forms the State emblem. Also there are many other religious tourist centres in and around Srivilliputtur.

Vaidyanatha Swamy Temple: On the outskirts of Srivilliputtur town is a hoary shrine dedicated to Shiva popularly called Vaidyanatha. This temple too has a tall tower at the main entrance which is 45 metres high. The two huge towers at this town present a magnificent view to the visitors.

Kazhugu Malai: Only two kms away from Srivilliputtur, a rock-cut temple on a small hillock has the shrines for Muruga and Vinayakar. The place is also called as Kazhagachalam.

Sankaran Kovil: 45 kms from Srivilliputtur and said to have been built by Vikrama Pandyan is the temple of Sankaran Kovil. The unique feature of this temple is that the deity in the shrine is called as Sankaranarayana, a synthesis of Shaivism and Vaishnavism. Half of the main idol has the features of Shiva as Sankara, while the other half represents Vishnu as Narayana.

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