Fatehpur Sikri (Uttar Pradesh)

FatehpurSikri, 37 kilometers away from Agra, was founded by Mughal Emperor Akbar in1569. Akbar's quest for blessings for the birth of a successor brought him tothe Sufi mystic Salim Chishti, who lived in Sikri village. The saint prophesiedthe birth of three sons and soon Prince Salim was born. To express hisgratitude, Akbar decided to build imperial residences in Sikri which wouldfunction as a joint capital with Agra. He also named the new city as FatehpurSikri. Even today, its red stone architecture, richly ornamented with carvingsand firework, is in a perfect state of preservation. Buland Darwaza is 15-storied, stands 140 feeton the pedestal and is 54 feet above the ground. A steep flight of 42 stepsleads one to the massive gateway and makes it as one of the tallest gateways inthe world is made of red-sandstone with marble decoration on it. With Quranicinscription on the front and cenotaph on the heights of the gateway, Buland Darwaja is a splendid blend of Hindu and Persian architecture. The calligraphywork done on the inner fašade of Buland Darwaza has very less parallels inIndia.

Anytourist who wants to visit famous tourist destinations of India, he needs toincorporate Fatehpur Sikri in his India Tour plan. Any Luxury Tour of India,Heritage Tour of India, Cultural Tour of India, Forts & Palaces Tour ofIndia, Temples Tour of India etc will have to have Fatehpur Sikri in itsitinerary. Fatehpur Sikri unfolds charm and uniqueness of Indian Life styles.

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