Indian Diversity


Explore incredible India on India tour. Indian diversity makes India exotic and unity in diversity makes India incredible. India is sub-continental in size, continental in population and almost global in diversity. The diversities reflect themselves pronouncedly in every aspect. India's land and people are as diverse as India's natural endowments. The formation of the peoples of India is a very long story. However, two things about Indian people are unique: firstly, the diversity of language, tradition and culture; and secondly, a transcending unity in the midst of diversity. The unity in diversity is the essence of incredible India. The cornerstone of Indian civilization is pluralistic humanism. If we are to contemplate the destiny of the human race on this earth, in the next millennium, it can only be in terms of respect and tolerance for pluralism rather than the much advertized process of "globalization" produced by our material environment. It is not an accident that all the sages, saints and poets born out of the womb of Mother India have been universalists in their vision and articulation. Long before a word like "globalization" became part of our economic coinage, it was part of India's wisdom to look upon the entire earth constituting a single family.

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