One sixth of humanity (or more than a billion people) proudly calls itself Indian. But behind the 'Indianness' hides a bewildering diversity. Each state has its unique culture and customs. Cuisine can vary every 100 kilometres. Broadly, though exceptions abound, North Indians, of Aryan stock, are light-skinned or 'wheatish' in complexion. The handsome Punjabis, rugged Rajasthanis and graceful dwellers of Uttar Pradesh are all Aryans. The Drokpa shepherds, who occupy the arid Ladakh Plateau, are considered to be the last remaining stock of pure Aryans.

People in the South- the Dravidians- are darker. They originated in middle Africa. East and North-East Indians have largely Mongoloid features. Besides, there are over 70 million tribals, of stock as diverse as proto- Austroloid in Orissa to Mon-Khmer in the North -East.

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