On the one hand, India is cosidered as a land of mysticism; on the other hand, it bursts into colours in the form of varied and numerous festivals.

Some of these festivals span the national landscape whereas others are celebrated in specic regions with extreme gusto and religious ferver. The history of festivals dates back to Vedic era (2000 BC). Indian people are so fascinated with festivals that the changing seasons, harvest, birth anniversaries of saints, gurus, honours the gods and goddesses,the full moon etc. have turned into causes of festival with region-specific rituals. Probably, everyday somewhere a festival is celebrated in India. These festivals not only thrill and rejuvenate the public but they also become a sacred and potent mode to carry forward the very ethos of the regional culture to the progeny. Hence, from that perspective, the regional festivals of India are a part of multi-hued Indian heritage.

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