Delhi is an historical city. Since the time of Mahabharata, when it was called as Indraprastha, Delhi has been a political and cultural centre of Indian sub-continent. All national festivals of India are celebrated here but there are some fairs and festivals of Delhi's own. No doubt, these cultural activities add charm to incredible Delhi. Being the capital of Indian republic, the fairs and festivals in Delhi avail state patronage.

Christian Mela at Mehrauli (March/April): At Mehrauli, 13 Kms (8 Miles) from Delhi, a procession of Christians from all over the metropolis goes through the streets of the little town, singing hymns. A service is held in the interesting little St. John's Church, built early in this century.

Sair-e-Gulfaroshan (August/September): The distinctive features of this unique 'Festival of Flowers' is joint participation in the celebrations by Hindus and Muslims. Huge pankhas (fans) made of plam leaves and decorated with tinsel and flowers are carried through the picturesque tower of Mehrauli. Fire dancers lead the procession. All the participants, Hindus as well as Muslims, together go to the Dargah Khwaja Sahib, a place sacred to the Muslims, and then to the Hindus Jog Maya temples.In the evening, there is music and dancing.

Urs Hazrat Nizam -ud-din (December): The saint, Hazrat Khwaja Nizam-ud-din Aulia (1238-1324), held the coveted positions of Domestics Prelate through the rule of three dynasties. His tomb, which has becomes a shrine, is reverted by people of all communities. Many of the devotees believe that the water of the sacred tank three possessions healing properties. Mushairas (Poetic symposia) and qawwalis, in which leading poets and musicians, take part, are held during the urs, and pilgrims come from all over the countries.

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