The Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh is not only famous for its scenic beauty but also for vibrant and colorful culture, fairs and festivals.

Kullu Dussehra: In Kullu, the Dussehra festival takes place a little later than elsewhere. But it is a special occasion with images of gods from all over the valley being brought together, and a fair is held to celebrate. It becomes clear why Kullu is called the 'Valley of the Gods'.

Minjar Mela: Held in the picturesque setting of Chamba, this hill festival provides a great spectacle. People from the town and the neighboring villages collect at the cliff overlook the river Ravi. Here everyone throws a minjar (a silk and silver tassel) into the torrent. This is a symbolic sacrifice to propitiate the river goddess who is believed to avert all calamities from the town.

Jwalamukhi Fair (April and October): The goddess of the volcano Jwalamukhi, in the Kangra valley, is worshipped by throngs of hill people in their colorful costumes, who come from the surrounding areas. The jets of inflammable gas that issue from the volcano are worshipped as sacred fire from the mouth of the goddess herself.

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