Tripura belongs to Seven Sisters States of India. The hill state of Tripura is known for its unique lifestyle and culturally traditional Hindu (Indian) ethos. Tripur Sundari or Tripureshwari Devi, an aspect of 'Shakti', is the patron deity of Tripura. 70% population of Tripura is Bengali and 30% tribal. This constitution of population reflects in various festivals of Tripura.

Karchi Puja (July): The seven-day festival is celebrated at Agartala, capital of Tripura in the temple of Chaturdash Devta. There are 14 idol of the deity, Shakti installed here. In this religious festival, every family in the state is expected to participate. Seven days after conclusion of this festival follow another, the festival of Ker Puja. This is held in the central locality of the Agartala town. As seven Chantai Narang priests belonging to a Tripuri Brahmin Community chant mantras, a huge pole suspended from above slowly come down and touch the ground. Ker Puja is considered very sacred and important in Tripura state.

Tripureshwari Temple Festival (November): The festival is held during Diwali in the temple constructed by the royal family of Tripura over 450 years ago at Udaipur town. People from within Tripura and outside attend the festival in large number. This place is associated with Daksha Yagna mentioned in mythology. According to legends, a part of the body of Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva fell at this spot and a temple was constructed here.

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