Chitradurga ( Karnataka, South Indian State )

  • Chitradurga is a must-see place in order to explore and experience rich historic, cultural and heritage lineage of Karnataka. Nestling in the heart of Karnataka, Chitradurga was once the capital of the Pallegars with its rich historical background. The hill near the town is surrounded by seven fortifications which are a masterpiece of architectural beauty. They give an idea of their impregnability. According to epics, it is said that Jatayu the heroic bird of Ramayana fell mortally wounded here fighting with Ravana to save Sita Devi. Bhima of the Pandavas is said to have killed the man eating demon Hidimbasura here. There are seven temples on the hill dedicated to Gopalaswamy, Sampige Siddheswar and goddess Ucchangiamma. The Hidimbeshwara temple is the oldest being the patron deity of the local chieftains. Many heroic stories of the battle at this fort are current among the local people. It was here that Onake Obavva killed hordes of soldiers all alone fighting with Muslim invaders.

    There are many historic places of touristic interest around Chitradurga.

  • Chandravalli : Karnataka has been cradle of ancient Hindu civilization. Modern researches and excavations are bringing forth many ancient towns. Chandravalli, about 3 kms from the town, has revealed the seat of an ancient civilisation.

    Harihar: Situated 75 kms away from Chitradurga, Harihar, on the banks of Tungabhadra river, is famous for the Hoysala style temple of Hari Hareshwara, depicting both the aspects of Shiva and Vishnu. The town has been developed by a few large scale industries.

    Jogimatti: 11 kms from Chitradurga and located in a range of hills, about 1200 metres above sea level, it has been developed into a picnic centre with beautiful surroundings and natural scenery all round. The forest lodge here provides accommodation to tourists and visitors.

    Vanivilas Sagar: About 32 kms away from Chitradurga is a huge reservoir created by constructing a dam across river Vedavati. From the top of the dam one could enjoy the natural scenery around. Boating facility is available at the reservoir to reach a small island in the middle of the lake. A fine rest house at this place provides accommodation for overnight stay.

    All these places are connected by good roads and a number of buses and vans operate in these routes. Chitradurga offers very good lodging facilities for tourists.

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