During historic times, the brave Rajputs ruled this area. Later, the Marathas captured these kingdoms. The entire district is situated in the valley of the Wainganga river. Almost all the area is flat and fertile, barring some hilly parts. The region is rich with manganese and other minerals like iron-ore, gold, green-bauxite and lead. Soft stones are also found in large quantity in this region. As the region is full of small tanks or big lakes, this is also called the 'Lake District' of Maharashtra. The climate is temperate. Major industries depend on farm products and forest wealth. Rice and oil-seeds are main market commodities. Brass vessels of Bhandara are very popular. The district has many sweet-lime orchards. The city of Bhandara has many cotton processing factories, rice mills, flour mills and saw mills, too. Men and women indulge in knitting. Some Hindu shrines alongside the water tanks and Hemadpant-style Shiva temples are also found. Bhandara has a railway station, 11 kms from city, on Nagpur Howara mainline.

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