Since the Satpura and Sahyadri ranges pass through Dhule, a big part of this district of Maharashtra is hilly. But owing to River Tapti and its tributaries, some part is quite fertile as well. Situated along the banks of Panzara River and designed by Sir Vishveshwarraya, is bounded on the west by Gujarat State, on the north by Madhya Pradesh, and on the east and south by Jalgaon and Nasik district of Maharashtra respectively.

Gujaratis and Banjaras use to dominate in the trade of food grains. The climate of Dhule is temperate. The jungles of Dhule are full of a variety of trees. Moha flowers, honey, wax, lac, gum etc. grow in abundance. There are a number of factories, many historic forts and palaces of tourist interest. Some temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, built in Hemadpanti style, are also worth watching. Cotton, jowar, bajra and oilseeds are sold in great quantities in the market. Cotton mills and handlooms produce quality cloth. There are number of schools, colleges and other training institutes. The Rajwade Research Institute is a unique feature of its literary activities.

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