Garhchiroli (MAHARASHTRA)

Garhchiroli district was carved out of the old Chandrapur district. Garhchiroli is rich in diversity of soil and the soil can be categorized in three regions- eastern zone of fertile soil (on the banks of River Wainganga), southern zone of fertile black soil and central zone of loamy and sandy soil. Part of Garhchiroli district is occupied by jungle that produces teakwood. Rice harvesting is done in ample measure. Bamboo production is done at a large scale here. Four big rivers- Wainganga, Pranhita, Indravati and Godavari- flow namely by the borders of Garhchiroli district. Garhchiroli falls under tribal belt of Maharashtra. The Madia Gonds, a predominant jungle tribe, inhabit this district. Handmade cloth, silk, leather and woodwork are the main products in the market. Oil-mills and saw-mills abound the urban areas. The soil is mineral rich with gold, silver, copper and iron ores. Besides these, gum and honey are also produced in big quantities.

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