District of Jalgaon is famous for its black soil cotton. Standard quality cotton is the main crop. Four big rivers; namely Poorna, Girna, Bhogavati and Panzra, contribute to its immense prosperity. Lime, sweet-lime, guavas and plantains grow a plenty and are dispatched to Mumbai and also to the Middle –East. Grapes, Papaya and fruity vegetables are grown in huge quantities. Milk, eggs and wool are also other products that fill the local markets. There are four cotton mills and some oil-mills too. A factory, unique in India, produces dry-plantain powder. Bales of well-spun cotton are another feature of some factories. The world famous Ajanta caves are 50 kms from Jalgaon city. There are a few famous temples here. Literacy seminars and congregations are also held round the year in Jalgaon city.

Major tourist attractions of Jalgaon include Padmalaya (a Lord Ganesha temple), Bheemkund (where Bhima killed demon Bakasur), Manudevi (kuldevi of khandeshi people), Mehrun Lake, Muktainagar (named after Muktaibai, sister of saint Dhyaneshwar) and Pal Sanctuary.

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