Jalna district of Maharashtra is famous for some historic temples and also for crops like cotton, pulses, jiggery and oil-seeds. Jalna is also known for the highest production of Sweet Lemon (Mosambi) in the state. There are a number of factories and the Jalna town is a big market place. The area is also known as the land of saints. Sant Ramdas was born at Jamb, a little earlier than Chatrapati Shivaji and wrote 'Dasbodh' and 'Manache Shloak'. Chakradhar Swami of Mahanubhav Panth stayed at Jalna for few years. A number of shepherds maintain huge herds of sheep and produce wool and woolen products. Some part of Jalna district is covered with forests wherein tigers, wolves, foxes and other wild animals roam about in large numbers. The river Kundalika flows through Jalna. A fort built in 1725 is a historic landmark , besides the famous Anandswami temple, a famous Hindu pilgrimage place. Nizam ul Mulk Asaf Jah built the Jalna Fort in 1725. An inscription in Persian language on the Jalna Fort is of historic importance.

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