A former taluka of Osmanabad (Dharashiv) district of Marathwada region, Latur was branded as an independent district on 16th August 1982 by adding four more talukas to it. Famous for cotton and grain market, it has many cotton and oil mills. The bovine products of this region are famous all over India for their breed, size, beauty and sturdiness. Sugarcane, plantains, grapes, turmeric and vegetables grow in plenty. Cotton and woolen cloth, copper, brass and iron articles are manufactured with soap-making as a major industry. A number of Hindu temples and a mosque built by Aurangzeb are historical monuments here. There is a ground fort at Ausa, an important historical landmark. Siddheshwar temple, built by King Tamradwj is a famous temple and is revered as 'gram-daiwat'. Kharosa caves belonging to Gupta period (6th century) are about 45 kms away from Latur.

Latur town is very progressive with impressive industrial base, supported by many colleges and technical institutes. Ganjgolai is a centrally located huge market place with a confluence of eleven roads from its neighborhood.

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