Though there are mountain ranges on the northern border, major portion Nanded is plain and equally fertile. The river Godavari and its three tributaries, namely, the Asna, Seeta and Saraswati irrigate the fields with the Manjara flowing all the year round. Nanded is also a place of pilgimmage for the Sikhs as Guru Govind Singh, 10th Guru, was murdered here. There is Huzur Sahib Gurudwara and a mausoleum, next in importance to Gloden Temple of Amritsar. Nanded holds an important place in religious picture of Maharashtra as it is birthplace of three famous Maratha saints Vishnupant Shesa, Raghunath Shesha and Vaman Pandit. History of Nanded goes back to the Nanda rulers. Thereafter, Nanded had been ruled by the Mauryas, Satvahanas and Chalukyas.

Nanded city is a big market place with a railway station, a number of colleges, schools, institutes and hospitals. A couple of talukas have jungles with teak, bamboo and vast grasslands, mainly used as meadows. Jowar is the main crop of Nanded, Maharashtra. Milk and wool are produced in large quantities and cotton, bajra, rice, tur, kardai and chillies are other farm products.

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