Erotically sculptured Khajuraho temples, popularly called as Kamasutra temples, are the highlights of Khajuraho tourism. The ornately chiseled sculptures of the Khajuraho temples displaying various postures and positions of sexual engagement have brought it on India's tourism map. Now, Khajuraho temples attract a large number of foreign tourists. This has led Indian tour operators to design various Khajuraho tour itineraries and packages. Having seen tremendous curiosity among the tourists, Khajuraho has been linked by flights, trains and roads.

Replete with abounding beauty, Khajuraho, the city of magnificent temples was ruled by Chandela Rajputs about one thousand years ago. Chandelas built about hundred temples in granite and sandstone. These monuments, standing on a high plinth without any conventional enclosure, have a sanctum, a vestibule, a mandapam and a porch. Here, carved art - creations and intoxicating paintings of erotic couple lovers, after viewing, the tourists get lost in them. These temples exhibit unique junction of art and beauty. This is truly termed as "Epic in Stones". Across the globe, Khajuraho is renowned for its historical and artistic background. Behind this fame, the contribution of erotic-art is unparalleled. Voluptuous, intimate and seductive women are the recurring theme of the engravings. There are fascinating idols of god - goddesses, fairies, dancing "apsaras" in addition to idols of Lord Vishnu, Laxmi- Narayan, Shiva -Parvati etc. as mentioned in Puranas.

The entire temple group of Khajuraho has been divided into three parts - Western Group of Temples, Eastern Group of Temples and Southern Group of Temples. Among these, Western Group of Temples is the main center of attraction for all those tourists who come on North India tour.

Western Temple Group: In these temples, through the medium of art, the postures, physical grace and beauty - youth curiosity raising sketches of erotic couples have been drawn, which are the main centre of attraction for the tourists on North India Tour. In this Laxman temple ( best among all in the western temple group), Laxmi Temple, Varah temple (a wonderful Varah incarnation idol of Lord Vishnu), Kandariya Mahadev Temple (with 31 meter high top, a glorious and artistic temple), Devi Jagdambi Temple, Mahadev Temple ( a three - faced. Eight- headed Lord Shiva idol), Chitragupta Temple ( Surya/ Sun temple, on a chariot driven by seven horses 5 feet high charming idol of Sun god, eleven headed Lord Vishnu's immensely attractive idol), Parvati Temple, Vishwanath Temple ( an elegant Lord Shiva's idol), Nandi Temple, Matangeshwar Temple ( 8 feet high Lingam, Lord Shiva's worship is performed here) etc. are worth seeing.

Chaunsath Yogini Temple: Situated in front of Shiv Sagar Lake and built in granite stone, is the most ancient temple of Khajuraho. Idol of Goddess Kali was consecrated. The main temple is now in decrepit condition.

Southern Temple Group: Here in Duladev temple, exists elegant idol of goddess Saraswati, Ganga- Yamuna, Yamraj, Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In Chaturbhuj Temple, a four armed, 3 metre high Lord Vishun's idol is the main attraction.

Eastern Temple Group: Various famous temples of the ancient era are also worth watching.

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