India is cornucopia of beautiful historical, religious and secular monuments, scattered all over. These great monuments are prime attractions of India tours. Variety, purposes, architectural finesse, gigantic scale of construction, sumptuous decoration and inculcated spirituality and aesthetics of Indian monuments unfold a different aspect of incredible India tourism.

If stones could speak, a country's history would come alive with monuments, forts, temples, Gurudwaras, churches, caves, palaces, tombs and allied structures of numerous reigning powers and antiquity, recounting incidents from the days of yore. Monuments, knowledgeable historians say, stand witness to a country's past and if that be so, they would be the guardian pillars of India's cultural heritage, which reflect its historical, religious and cultural contrasts and indigenous lifestyles which continue to be untouched by the trappings of modernity.

Superb India Tours' specially designed India Tour Packages like Rajasthan Tour Packages, Golden Triangle Tour Packages, First Time India Tour Packages, Kerala Tour Packages, South India Tour Packages, India Temples Tour Packages, Short Tour India Packages will take you through entire periods of history, right from the Vedic, Mauryan and Gupta periods, followed by the Muslim period and that of the Europeans, all of which contribute in making India the fascinating melting pot that it is. While each monument stands testimony to the period it has belonged to, speaking eloquently of all the events that have happened around it, the fact is that many of these pieces of history lie in a state of neglect and in some cases unrecognized, unfelicitated and uncared for. But growing interest of the India visitors to delve deep into the fascinating history of Indian civilizations' growth pattern has drawn attention of the government authorities to endeavour to preserve the monuments of India.

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