Communities in Kolkata

Kolkata, since the advent of British rule, has transformed into a mega metropolis on the eastern part of India. Various lingual, religious and national groups settled down in Kolkata and flourished as well due to dominant but tolerant Hindu community. This harmonious diversity is hallmark of not only of Kolkata but of whole India.

Due to its preeminent position under the British rule, Kolkata has attracted people from all parts of the Indian subcontinent. During colonial rule, many Europeans and Chinese also settled in Kolkata. Though Kolkata has lost much of its economic clout, it continues to attract people from the neighboring regions.

The Bengalis form the largest community in Kolkata. They are often categorized in local parlance as the 'Ghotis' (Bengalis of West Bengal) and 'Bangals' (Bengalis from East Bengal). The next largest group is those of the 'Biharis', who are originally from the states of Bihar and Jharkhand. The 'Marwaris' are economically the most dominant community of Kolkata (and India) and trace their roots to Rajasthan. The 'Oriyas' are another large community and hail from the Indian state of Orissa. Two other communities- the Anglo-Indians and the Chinese, though small in number, form an important part of Kolkata's cosmopolitan mosaic. Of late, many of them have migrated to foreign lands. Other communities include the Tamils, Telugus, Malayalees, Gujaratis, Assamese and Marathis. There is probably no religion of India which is not present in Kolkata.

Hindus form the majority, followed by the Muslims. Other religious groups include the Christians, Jains, Sikhs, Parsees and the Buddhists.

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