Kolkata, as the capital city of West Bengal state of India, for the tourists evokes a nostalgic feeling of colonial past of India. Still existing and consciously preserved 'old world charm' is the hallmark of Kolkata tourism. Kolkata attracts large number tourists to watch and feel colorful traditional culture, remnants of British Raj and mix of culturally traditional yet progressive people and their way of life. Detailed and relevant information on different aspects of Kolkata will serve as Kolkata travel guide to the tourists visiting this part of India.

The famous 'City of Joy', for Dominique Lapierre, Calcutta or Kolkata ranks among one of the four major metropolises of India and has as important a history to narrate as any other metropolis. As a former imperial capital, Kolkata retains some of the country's most striking colonial buildings. Holding a charisma of its own, Kolkata has always been acknowledged as the culminating centre of cultural activities. The Bengali populace especially pride in their deep involvement with their creative contribution in the fields of music, arts and literature. It has been a birth place and a home to many famous personalities including the inimitable Bengali poet, Rabindranath Tagore, novelist William Thackerey and the charming actress of the film, " The Scarlet Pimplernel', Merle Oberon. The house she lived in is at St. Lindsay, near New Market.

It is the only city in India to retain trams and proudly boasts of the first underground Metro. Kolkata is also instantly associated with the Howrah bridge- one of its kind as also with the mission ' Sisters of Charity' which performed exemplary social service under the tutelage of Mother Teresa (a Noble laureate). Presently, it bears a neo-contemporary culture.

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